How to get a perfectly roasted Ball

To make it to the professional ranks as an athlete takes skills, hard work, a little luck, and a lot of sacrifice. Both personal sacrifice, and the sacrifice of your parents to drive you to all the practices, buy you the required equipment, and for riding your coattails. Wait, what?

For a while now, that’s just what LaVar Ball has been doing to his son, and Lonzo finally got a chance to poke some fun at his dad in a recent Footlocker commercial. It’s a great spot that launched just in time for Father’s Day. The person that came up with the concept needs a promotion! The first few times I saw it I was happy to see him finally getting one up on his media-whore of a father. But, then I started thinking that he probably had something to do with this too.

If so, LaVar is a more savvy marketer than I originally thought. Nothing plays better than pitting them against each other. If not, I hope he can at least laugh at himself. The best part of dad jokes is being able to laugh at yourself. If we don’t at least have that, all hope may be lost.

If you haven’t seen it yet, below is the spot. Enjoy!

How much involvement do you think LaVar had with this roasted ball recipe? Could you laugh at yourself if your son roasted you for all the world to see?