Kid goes gator fishing in Florida, sort of

Few things are more relaxing than taking your kid fishing. It’s very low stress, and the most action you’ll get is taking a few sunnies off the hook. That is, of course, unless you’re fishing in Florida. This kid caught what looked like a beautiful large mouth bass. Sadly, a local gator was hungry, and decided to steal his trophy. Now, I’ve never gone gator fishing before, but something tells me this kid is a natural. Honestly, this barely qualifies as dadletics, but it’s as athletic as my kids let me get right now.

I’m not entirely sure of the location of this video, but clearly it has to be Florida. This type of shit only happens there, right? I’m hoping the gator snapped the line so his dad doesn’t have to put down the camera to actually help him out. It’s bad enough he had to stand up to see over the railing on the dock.

This kid is going to be telling this story his whole life, so he’ll be thanking his dad for video proof eventually. You’re welcome! At this point though, I’m sure he’d just be happy with a new pair of undies to get him through the day. Seriously, I’m pretty sure I’d be running back down the dock tot he parking lot to get outta there. I’d be pushing people out of the way too. I just have to beat one person to safety to live.

“Sorry, JR. daddy has to run. Good luck with your gator fishing, I’ll be watching Netflix in the car. I wonder what’s going on with the Underwoods this season. It has to be better than this, right?”

What would you do if your kid caught something unexpected like this gator? Have you ever gone gator fishing?