Lovesac advertises as “The World’s Most Comfortable SeatTM” and honestly they’re 100% right. My wife so thoughtfully gave me the smallest room in the house to turn into a man cave/home office. It’s where I can hang some sports memorabilia, watch the games, play Xbox and just hang out. The downside of having a smaller room is I couldn’t buy a couch or recliner so I needed something small, yet comfortable, but also something easily moveable because the attic dropdown steps are right above it. A buddy of mine recommended I get a Lovesac. He and his wife got one as a wedding gift and he raved about it. After looking into it and seeing the price, I laughed in his face and said absolutely not. So to justify the cost, we bought one so we could do a proper Lovesac review before our readers consider making a similar purchase.

Lovesac sells different sizes but the one I was recommended was the Citysac. For a Citysac with the grey faux chinchilla retails at $725. I’ll be the first to admit, when I initially saw the price tag for this chair I was blown away. I’d rather lay on the wood floor than spend $725 on a bean bag but after testing one out in the retail store… I was hooked and knew I had to have one.

I did some research on the different covers they sell and found out that’s really where your cost is. The Lovesac itself runs $350 and then the covers are what skyrocket that price. The grey cover I wanted is $375 alone, which honestly is absurd. After continuing to look into these I found out that Lovesac is constantly running sales. 20% off, 30% off, discounts on accessories, etc BUT the crème de la crème, a few times a year they offer FREE covers with the purchase of a Sac. Now we’re talking. $350 is much easier to get my wife to agree on more manageable for a chair I’m going to spend a lot of time lounging in.

During the last sale that offered the free cover, I decided to pull the trigger and pick one up. I really couldn’t be happier. It’s so comfortable, easy to move and perfect for kicking back and watching tv. The only issue I found is it’s rarely free for me to actually sit in…

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