Do you have items you have been urging to get rid of? Why not make money off of those items? The other day, my dad asked me to help him get rid of some things, so I told him to post them on eBay not knowing that was a foreign language I was speaking to him.

What is eBay?

eBay is an eCommerce website that specializes in consumer-to-consumer and business-to-consumer sales.

How do I sell on eBay?

  1. Describe your item.
  2. Use keywords that you would likely use to search for your item.
  3. Use proper grammar to make the listing look professional.
  4. Choose a similar item to base your listing around.
  5. Make sure item specifics match the item you’re trying to sell.
  6. Select the condition of your item
  7. Add as many specifics as you can.
  8. Add a minimum of 3 of your own photos with your name or store in the photos to assure the customer they are buying from a trusted account.
  9. Fix up the title with specifics if needed.
  10. Add the title, condition, and shipping information in description.
  11. Pricing
  12. Look through similar items that have sold and base your price on the average sell price on those items.
  13. If auctioning item, use recommended 7-day auction price that eBay has automatically generated from previous sales.
  14. Delivery
  15. Use recommended shipping that eBay has given you
  16. Preferences
  17. Set up how you’d like to get paid, either through PayPal or others.
  18. Preview item and make sure it looks professional enough for you to buy.
  19. List item and wait
  20. If the item takes more than a couple of days to sell, I’d recommend promoting your listing if you need it sold ASAP.

Sold! Now what?

  1. Always research buyers’ reviews and message them before sending.
  2. If buyer messages you asking to text them and send the item as a gift, STAY AWAY! This buyer is trying to scam you.
  3. If the buyer pays and has good reviews, you’re all set to send your item away. Just message the buyer to confirm the sale.
  4. Once the sale is confirmed, print the shipping label.
  5. Package item safely so the buyer has no reason to return.
  6. Send items off to buyers and provide tracking information.
  7. Keep in contact with the buyer until the item is received for better reviews.
  8. Once the item is received, review the buyer and how the experience selling to them was. This helps get you good reviews and will help with selling future items faster.

Things I’ve Learned

  1. Never sell to a buyer that asks you to send the item as a gift to a different country
  2. Wait a week to give feedback. Make sure the buyer has paid and also received the item without any complaints.
  3. Create detailed listings
  4. Sell item through eBay only, do not let buyer convince you otherwise
  5. Never trade item instead of selling
  6. Use PayPal, it’s the safest way of handling money in this situation.