Parental Olympics Event: Perfect milestone event pictures

Having ranted about event photography etiquette before, we thought it would be helpful to try and better this all-to-common problem. To do so, we’ve prepared some tips to help parents better prepare to capture great milestone event pictures. Hopefully, this will start a trend of respectful event participation, and once again, we’ll all begin to enjoy these moments together. Like anything else, preparation is the key, and these 5 tips should ensure less stress, more fun, and better milestone event pictures of your kids.

1. Get there early; the early parent gets the prize

No shit, right? Most people screw this up. It’s not always easy with work schedules, and other kids to account for, but it’s critical to your success. Not only will you get better parking, but it reduces your stress level, and ensures you’ll get premium seating.

Getting there early will also give you the best options when it comes to parking. Your instincts may tell you to park as close to the venue as possible, but trust me when I tell you to park near the exit. You may have to walk further to get in, but you’ll fight a lot less gridlock on the way out. There’s nothing sweeting than getting your crew cleanly out of the parking lot after a three-hour dance recital. Especially when your daughter only participated for 2 minutes during the first routine. Brutal.

2. Feed, water, and nurture your star

The last thing you want is a hungry star on the stage. Make sure Junior has a full belly, and can focus on the task at hand. Bathroom checks just before the big moment are always helpful as well. Nerves can even get the bravest little monster, and wet pants on stage can be a hard thing to overcome. Take an extra two minutes to drain that little bladder. While there, lightening your load is probably a good idea as well.

3. Bring snacks for the other kids (and yourself)

If you have other kids, they are going to get hungry. No matter the length of the event, they are going to be “STARVING” about two minutes after the opening curtain. Be prepared with simple snack packs that can used to handle some kid hanger. Have an equal number of bags as you have kids. That way, each kid can hold their own bag, and leave you alone to watch their sibling star. You’ll benefit from a few goldfish too. Especially if attending immediately after a long day at the office.

Also, don’t forget the shareable water bottle. This is where a nice mom purse can come in handy. Just beware that anything of value that ends up in said mom purse may never be found again. Store things in that bottomless pit of a handbag at your own risk. I kid you not, I found sunglasses in there three years after they entered. I loved those sunglasses, but when I got them back, they just weren’t the same. They were quieter for some reason. I didn’t ask questions.

4. Invest in a nice DSLR camera and photo equipment

This should probably be number one on the list. It’s important. Your kids are going to do a lot of things that you will want to remember when they finally move out of the house. They will not always be the cute bundle of joy that you brought home from the hospital, and you’ll want proof when they crash their first car into the mailbox you spent a full Saturday installing. You’ve been watching them on a video baby monitor since they got their own room, so why stop now? You could spend a ton of money on camera equipment, but you just need the basics.

Invest in a nice DSLR digital camera with a couple lenses to get the best picture, regardless of speed or distance. A good digital video camera with a simple tripod is also highly recommended. Set it up somewhere out of the way, and let it do all the work while enjoying the show from an uncomfortable folding chair.

5. Dress comfortably

Obviously, if you are attending an event right after work, changing may not be an option. But, being comfortable at these events will make all the difference. Feeling good, and dressing properly for the event will mean one less thing to worry about. Then you can focus on the Parental Olympic event at hand: getting the best picture of your little star with as little effort as possible.

ProTip: Live in the moment

This could also be number one as it’s the whole reason for this post. Kick your smartphone addiction, and enjoy your kids. Get the proper digital camera equipment to make capturing the event easier. Then, you can stop watching their life go by on a four inch screen that the guy three rows ahead of you is holding.

Any other tips you would add to get better milestone event pictures? Any specific camera equipment you use to help get the best shots? Let us know in the comments.