Few companies joke about getting a tow as well as this Philly-area tow company does on the back of their truck. Nailing the perfectly placed dad joke isn’t as easy as these guys make it look, and typically takes years of fatherly experience to get it just right. As a dad, you’re just not expected to be funny, but are given more credit for jokes like this because of all your perceived responsibility. There’s no longer time to try and keep up with what’s really cool, so we point out the obvious, or make up a lame pun to appear funny. Because of that, when we spot these types of jokes while we’re out and about, it feels only fitting that we share them with other dads that may be lacking a little comedic timing. That’s where this tow truck joke comes into play.

Today, while fighting traffic on my way home, I saw this gem in front of me. It almost, and I stress almost, made me want a flat tire so I could learn a little more about the genius that came up with this one. If you ever find yourself in the Philly area, and are in need of a tow truck, these could be your guys. Purely based on the back of the truck, they clearly know what they are doing – or at least who their target audience might be. Honestly, when searching for a towing company, their ability to land a good dad joke should be on the top of your requirements list. Otherwise, you’re simply wasting your time.

Dad Joke: Don’t want an Arm… Don’t want a Leg… Just a Tow.

This is the phone number that was on the truck: (267) 600-8100, and based on a quick Google search, you can learn more about them on their website. Well played, LMT Towing. Well played.