Askmen.comA recent study of 8,729 heterosexual couples published in Social Science & Medicine found that putting a ring on it correlates with love handles, especially for men. Seriously, blame my kid!

Your dad bod isn’t your fault

Want to lose those love handles? Get a divorce. OK, maybe that’s a little extreme, but the study also showed that researchers identified a reduction in men’s BMI just prior to, and right after getting divorced. It’s no surprise to most men that getting married will change your habits. You’ll work out less, socialize more, and eat crappy things at odd times of the day because of your random schedule. See, it’s not my fault. Blame my kid!

When trying to attract a mate, working out is one way to feel better about your chances of seducing a baby momma. But, when we settle down, and have more than booty calls on our to-do list, it get’s a lot harder to find time for the gym. It also becomes a lot easier to find excuses for not fitting in a run. Perhaps by writing a blog post instead of getting your ass in gear. Who would be that lazy???

The really messed up part was that the study found no correlation between marriage/parenthood and a rise in BMI for women. Just one more example of how women are way more prepared to be parents than most men. Whatever, blame my kid.

I get it. My wife is better at everything than me. Good for her. At least I can pee standing up… when I’m not too tired.

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Blame my kid for everything

This got us thinking that we can literally blame our kids for everything. Think about it. In what area of life are you currently failing? No matter what it is, you can blame your kid.

Have a dad bod? Don’t have time to work out because of your kid. Going bald? My kid stresses me out. Still wearing jean shorts? Can’t bring kids to fashion week.

You get the point. The possibilities are endless. So, we’ve come up with an easy way to help you feel better about your failure(s).

Share your blame; win custom t-shirt

Get a custom t-shirt from The Dad Shift just by sharing your misery on social media. Mention us in your post, and you’ll be entered to win the shirt with your custom #hashtag (#dadbod, #jorts, #bald – or whatever you blame on your kid). If we can’t laugh at ourselves, we might as well let everyone else do it for us.

How to enter:

  1. Take a picture that captures your failure. (use our template)
  2. Copy this text: My kid did this to me #blameMyKid via @dadshift
  3. Insert your custom hashtag.
  4. Post to social media (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook).

Where to enter:

  1. Tweet @dadshift with: My kid did this to me #blameMyKid via @dadshift
  2. Tag @dadshift on Instagram with: My kid did this to me #blameMyKid via @dadshift
  3. Post to the @dadshift Facebook page with: My kid did this to me #blameMyKid via @dadshift

What you can win:

  1. Five (5) entries will be entered to receive a custom t-shirt. The more you enter, the better your shot.
  2. We will replace #blameMyKid in this example with your submitted #hashtag, and ship you the shirt.

Get started:

  1. Download one of our Photoshop templates: t-shirt example | bald example
  2. Customize your hashtag.
  3. Optional: edit the picture in the bald example.
  4. Post to social media, and tag/mention @dadshift.
  5. Use this text: @dadshift My kid did this to me #blameMyKid
Dad bod not my fault, my kid did this to me #blameMyKid #dadbod Click To Tweet

Have fun with it, and remember, it’s never your fault. Your kid did this to you! Science said so…