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Gifts real dads actually want for Father’s Day

Father's Day gifts dad actually wants

Father's Day gifts dad actually wants

What should you get dad for Father’s Day? Hint: Not a tie

No one wants a tie for Father’s Day. Even when ties were worn more often, dads still hated getting them as gifts. Today it’s harder to buy things for your dad, because it’s just so easy for him to get everything he needs/wants online. Few guys wait for the things they really want, and it makes it harder to really impress them with the thought you put into that annual gift.

So, you have to think about the things your dad doesn’t know he wants. That or come come up with a theme that includes a service he would appreciate. Below are some ideas to inspire your gift giving this year. Who knows, maybe he’ll even be happy he stuck around? OK, it’s one gift. Let’s not get crazy.

Amazon Echo

For me, this is an obvious choice. The Echo just works, and makes a lot of fun things easy. We use Alexa (the voice inside of Echo) for shopping lists, and news updates. But, our favorite Alexa activity is impromptu dance parties. We hooked up a few Phillips Hue lights, and my Spotify account, and it really gets the party started with the boys. Honestly, who doesn’t like dance parties? Dad will love this for Father’s Day, but you may have to help get him started. The best part, they’re currently on sale at Amazon for $139.

Nixplay Digital Frames

These are great as well. You can share pictures with your dad from anywhere in the world using their app. They best part is that you don’t have to worry about the crazy comments dad would add on Facebook. These are easy to set up, and allow you to share pictures from your phone, and/or existing social media accounts. The Nixplay frames come in a variety of sizes for you dad’s viewing pleasure.

ArmorAll Car Care Kit

The ArmorAll Car Care Kit a great gift for two reasons. First, it’s inexpensive – that’s always good. Second, you can add a free service for dad, and wash his car for Father’s Day as well. Who wouldn’t want that? Plus, dad will most likely want to help out, to make sure you’re doing a good job. Then you’re bonding with him at the same time. It’s a win win.

Motion Activated Toilet Night Light

This may sound like a joke, but a motion activated toilet night light makes a really great gift. Aside from the laughs you’ll get when dad opens it, you’ll be giving him a great little gift. It’s inexpensive, and really helps out in a pinch. See what I did there?

TaylorMade M2 Driver

For the golfing dad, he just wants some nice clubs, and to be left alone to golf. TaylorMade drivers have always been on the top of my list, and this one doesn’t disappoint. I just got it this season, and I’ve been hitting the ball much better than usual. Although, I’ve been drinking a lot less on the course, so that may be a contributing factor.

Leave him the hell alone!

Most dads won’t admit it, but sometimes they just want to be left alone. The “right thing” to say on Father’s Day is that you want to spend time enjoying your kids, but in reality, a day on the golf course sounds a lot better. Or just insert his favorite hobby like fishing, biking, sleeping, or whatever he would rather be doing. Although, it would be nice to see you as you bring him a beer every so often during the final round of the US Open. So, maybe keep that in mind.

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